wmdia 1.04 (GIT-1.04-1-g2937b3a)
wmdia Documentation

"dia" is a german word for "Reversal film".

This is a small dockapp, which does nearly nothing. It just creates an empty window with a 62x62 background pixmap.

When you click on the window, the command in the property "COMMAND" is executed. When you move the mouse in the window the text in the property "TOOLTIP" is shown as tooltip.

The main goal was to have a slideshow in a dockapp window, but it can also be used to show films, webcam in the dockapp or just a simple command button.

With xprop can you change the command or tooltip:

xprop -name wmdia -format COMMAND 8s -set COMMAND "command"
xprop -name wmdia -format TOOLTIP 8s -set TOOLTIP "tooltip"

With display can you change the background

display -resize 62x62 -bordercolor darkgray -border 31 -gravity center -crop 62x62+0+0 -window wmdia picture.jpg